A practical guide that helps educators and professionals to actualize student voice in the classroom and community.

Centering Student Voice


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Why Centering Student Voice?

See what our readers are saying.

Increases cultural awareness

Project Managers

Contributes to inclusive learning environments


Supports the development of authentic teacher-scholar relationships


Emphasizes the development of classroom management approaches

Project Managers

Helps educators to be intentional with strategies to uplift scholar voice

Why Centering Student Voice?

Centering Student Voice

Book Reviews

See what our readers are saying.
This book would be great for new teachers who want to create a classroom environment conducive to learning by connecting and building relationships with students. It would also be beneficial for administrators and staff members who are looking for a restorative approach to discipline.
Kiena Hughley, Principal
Culturally Responsive Mindset
In a time of such rapid social, technological and communicative change that is directly impacting the lived experiences of our youth, this is a timely and necessary resource for those entrusted with getting the get the best out of our children.
Dante Capers, Assoc. Supt.
Timely and Necessary Resource
Glover uses the first person to make a connection with the reader just as she hopes the reader will do with their students. Her take on student engagement utilizing Emotional Intelligence and Social Emotional Learning is a breath of fresh air.
Lisa Sims, School Counselor
Breath of Fresh Air
Taking on a disrupter type role allows you to help students overcome many obstacles. I enjoyed how the author not only described the barriers but provided a way to reflect and offer suggestions on obtaining and sustaining authentic relationships.
Meia Christian, Youth Development Specialist
Sustaining Authentic Relationships
Readers will enjoy her keen and thoughtful narrative that builds her personal experiences and scholarly arguments into conclusions with actionable items the reader can take to dismantle American educational problems she rightfully points out and improve teacher practices.
Colin Grindall, Instructional Coach
Dismantle American Educational Problems
This book is for teachers who want to reflect on their own identity and not only grow as a teacher, but a person. Someone who considers themself a lifelong learner knows the benefits of this growth.
Julia Grabosky, Educator

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